De Gruntz

Session 2

The Arjiell Fortress

Zuol Arzium, Ur, and Lucio Tyr take on the companionship of Father Green. This old man carries the word of God as his protection to watch over and heal the group. He has also commissioned the three adventurers to navigate their way through the underground ruins to find the Arjiell Fortress which holds the fable Sealing Stones that his village so desperately needs.

The group hastily makes their way through the ruins of the underground city, falling into holes of Feces and Fish all along the way. The group emerges from the bowels of hell only to find the ruins have been housing swarms of Warg riding Goblins. They make no effort at peace with the underground dwellers and an all out goblin massacre commences at the base of the Arjell Fortess Ruins.

The four adventurers emerge from the fight with minor injuries and make their way into the main structure of the fortress. Inside the building is a labyrinth of corridors with traps around every corner. Only with strategic footing and brute force does the group successfully make their way to the treasure room of the Fortress. In the treasure room, the group faces off with the Guardian of the Sealing Stones, which just happens to be an enchanted suit of Plate Armor.


Oh and Lucio got stuck in a golden throne for like 5 turns

Session 2
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